Beauty and Ageing

Chemical Peels

  • Chemical peeling or Chem-exfoliation is an application of one or more chemical agents to the skin so as to cause controlled chemical burns
  • This in turn causes controlled exfoliation and the regeneration helps in normalising pigment abnormalities, reduces scars and fine lines as well as wrinkles
  • By exfoliating the layers of the skin and replacing them with more “normalised” tissue, chemical peeling aims to achieve better cosmetic results
  • Indications for skin peels:
    1. Acne, Post-acne scarring, Hyper pigmentation  post-acne
    2. Pigment disturbances on the face e.g. Melasma, Freckles and dark marks
    3. Dilated pores, Fine wrinkles, moderate sun damage and Skin aging
  • Superficial
    – Glycolic peels, salicylic, TCA-10%, Pyruvic, Jessner’s
  • Medium depth
    – TCA 15%
  • Deep peels
    – TCA 25%, Phenol